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Revenue Collector: Peter Iber 1937-2009.

Updated: Jan 30

Dr. Peter K. Iber, Col US Army Ret. Peter was born on July 1937 in New Jersey, USA. He passed away in September 2009. Peter served in the US Army for 32 years, including in the Vietnam Conflict from 1969-1970 and retired as a Colonel to Arizona in 1990. He was an avid Thailand revenue stamp collector and was editor for the Thai Philately journal.

In 1993 and 1997 (second edition), he issued the Revenue Stamps of Thailand Catalog, a huge advance compared to the previous 1979 catalog issued by Peter Collins. Iber’s catalog is posted on this website, Ctrl+click here to view his catalog.

He did collect Thailand revenue stamps and he actively tried to get full sets of the stamps, he believed were existing. He was one of the first exhibitors in 1993 to exhibits Thai revenue stamps, just made possible under new FIP guidelines. Revenue stamps became a separate class, class 7, in stamp exhibitions. He did manage to achieve a gold medal in 1997. His collection was sold around the year 2010 to a private Thai collector, for about USD $30,000.

His exhibit, shown at the Pacific 1997 World Philatelic Stamp show, 5 frames of 16 pages, can be viewed on this website. It is posted in 2 parts due to its file size. Peter Iber’s exhibit part 1 Ctrl+Click here and part 2 Ctrl+Click here.

Peter Iber also wrote several articles in Philatelic magazines, one of which can be found by Ctrl+Click here.

The obituary of Peter Iber, written by Richard Blakeney in Thai Philately can be found by

Ctrl+Click here.

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