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My name is Jos Sanders

I'm a collector of Thailand revenue stamps since 1990, based in Bangkok Thailand.  In this section you'll find part of my own collection. I'll be sharing more of it here over time.  I think the information written down in my collection, and the information in the 2023 Thailand revenue catalog, complements each other and helps in looking up stamps.  However, if you still need any further help with identification,

please feel free to contact me.


Agriculture Revenue Stamps

Thailand revenue stamps used for agriculture were issued by the Thai government to collect taxes on the rice fields, also called paddy tax. The third series was intended as tax on palm sugar, but these stamps are never been seen used.

note: the PDF may take a few moments to load.

Court Fee and Land Transaction Revenues


There are 3 main groups of revenue stamps in this section, the Portrait of Rama 5 1887 - 1898, the Long Green stamps 1898 - 1938 and the Erawan 1915 - 1987 revenues.

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Thai Occupation in World War 2, 1943-1945

Occupation a.jpg

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