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Collector: Peter Collins 192?-1991.

Peter Collins first collected stamps in 1936, and, after trying many countries, turned to Thailand in 1955 simply because no-one else collected the country, it was not too expensive, and had not issued too many stamps for one to hope to achieve completion. Two years later, feeling the need for fellowship within this interest, Peter founded the Thailand Philatelic Society. His contribution to the Thai Philatelic Society, cannot be over-estimated, for years being either chairman, editor or secretary.

In 1965, Peter Collins had become so committed to philately that he turned professional and was mainly involved privately and professionally in journalism and off-beat aspects of postal history. He became "ambassador" of Robson Lowe, and in this capacity, he became involved in the private sale of the Waterlow archives. Thailand, The Waterlow Proof Sheets was a booklet written by Peter to describe the various postal and revenues issues found in the archives. This booklet is an excellent help in understanding the various Waterlow printed stamp issues. The revenue section of this booklet can be found HERE.

Peter Collins also published a Revenue Stamps of Thailand catalog in 1979, this was first catalog issued after the 1915 Forbin Catalog. This catalog is posted on my website and can be found HERE.

Peter was also the author of several Agriculture tax related articles, which can be found on this website under References or by clicking HERE.

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