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Eurseree Bangkok sale #65, December 2, 2023

Total revenue lots in this sale was 67 of which 48 were sold at auction.

The sale prices mentioned do not include the 10% buyer comission.

The prices for good Thailand revenue material are still strong.

The exchange rate in December 2023 is about USD $1 = Baht 35.

These lots can also been seen at sale 65.

Below some selected lots.

This Specimen is not made as sample for the original print run in 1883.

Waterlow made so called printer samples or craftman samples in later years, using the original printing plates. These samples were given to prospective buyers to show the printing skills of Waterlow and Sons.

This lot No:2 is maybe an original proof for the 1883 printing. They also were printed in sheets of 9 with a similar layout as lot 3 shown just below here. They were printed in at least 4 colors, deep green, purple, orange and brown. They were glued originally on a cardboard backing. The glue remnants can still be seen on the back of the stamp in the picture. Hoewever, the layout of the sheet of 9 makes me suspicious that this are maybe not original proofs, but very early date printer samples.

Printers skill sample. These blocks exist with or without punch kole, with or without the Specimend overprint. some have Waterlow and Sons, :ondon Wall printed in the margin.

This sheet sold more than 2 times the price I sold a similar sheet some 5 years ago.

Unique set of unissued Thai telegraph revenenue stamps, also offered for sale some 20 years ago by Vichit Eurtivong, that time the offer price was Baht 1 million.

This sheetlet exists in 6 different colors of which the green, red and blue are the least rare and the purple, orange and plum colors are more rare. However difficult to find in complete sheet. They were never used to tax rice paddy field, however the design was partially used for the subsequently issued agriculture tax stamps. Possible these King's monogram stamps were used in the palace to seal some of the royal mail.

The selling price is double of the price a similar sheet sold a year ago.

These proofs are printed around 1888 and below to the perforation 11.5 agriculture revenue stamps. they are issued in sheetlets of 6 stamps positioned vertically in 8 or 9 different colors.

Lot with several rice field receipts with and without stamps. The picture showns receipt from the year RS114 or 1895, with 20 blue Two Salung, handstamped. The top left shows a Fuang stamp with type-set overprint. The handstamps were applied due to a shortage of the type set printed stamps. A very nice and rare document.

A nice complete set of Trengganu occupation stamps. A set also popular with Malaysian and Singapore stamp collectors.

Nice set to complement the serie in lot No. 12.

This is a strip out of a sheetlet of 25 stamps. The born color (Dollar 3 value) was used to test the perforation machine. These sheets were also used to test the fond of the higher dollar values. So they can also be found with some of the stamps in the sheet with a 25 or 100 Dollar value. These sheets are considered to be test sheets for perforation and font sizes.

These are very rare stamps, both in used or unused condition. The rubber stamp does not read Stae Trengganu Kelantan (2 very different states), but it reads State Treasury Kelantan. Also the 2 stamps of Dollar 2 on paper have a punch hole, but not completely punched thru.

Trengganu ship revenue stamps on documents are very rare, this is the 3 document, I ever see and the first one having 25 cents on them. A great rarety.

Court documents with revalued general revenue stamps were extremely rare till year 2020. Even used single stamps were rare , Since that year Eurseree is offering in every auction this kind of documents. The sales prices are still very respectable but due to the steady supply they are settling at lower levels,

Eurseree sale 55 in June 2020 lot 73 sold for Baht 370,000 for a document with a single 1 Chang surcharged stamp, at that time unique on document.

This lot has a 40 Baht on Seek Court Fee revenue. The stamp has the surcharge placed sideways. The sideways surcharged stamps were some of the first surcharged stamps in May 1892. I have only seen 3 copies of the 40 baht. I believe this is still an undervalued rarity.

Court documents with a agriculture stamp attached are quite rare although I have now seen about 20 documents with such a Two Salung brown agriculture stamp.

In the Eurseree sale 55 lot 83, the first such document ever seen was sold for

Baht 200,00, although the sales price of above document is still a respectable

Baht 25,000.

High value 80 baht bicolered, long green series, stamps are still quite rare on document.

This document contains 12 stamps 1 Att surcharged on a 1 Baht long green stamp. these surcharges were made around year 1900. This stamp is quite rare as sinle stamp and very rare on document.

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