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......Promoted Content...... New Stationary Handbook Edition 2023.

Updated: Apr 8

The new Thai Postal Stationery and Booklets handbook, edition 2023, is now available for sale. This new edition, edited by Peter Frantzen, is fully revised. updated and expanded.

The handbook will have about 508 pages and 20 appendices, soft-cover, A4 size and printed in full colors.

The price will be baht 2400 (about Euro 65 or USD $70) plus shipping costs.

Interested persons can get more information by filling in the information in "Get in Touch" on the bottom of my home page,

Book review by Jos Sanders, done Oct 2023.

Peter Frantzen, Thai Stationery and Booklets edition 2023.

Being very familiar with Richard Blakeney’s, Thai Stationary Handbook, I was very afraid that after Blakeney passed away in 2019, there would be no more updates of his great handbook.

However Peter Frantzen who was already involved with Richard Blakeney’s handbook for many years, took over the editorship and just published a new 2023 revision of the handbook.

After receiving the new book in the mail yesterday, I realized after a few minutes of reading, that the 4 years wait for a new edition was worth it. Peter Frantzen, not only edited the new version 2023, he greatly expanded the book with lots of new appendices. It is not longer a dry listing of the various Thai Stationary and Thai Booklets existing. Peter in his new handbook does a great effort to include Thai stationary philately as a new part of historic auxiliary science. His detailed presentation also shows us how postcards reflects the development of society. The extended number of appendices provide in-depth coverage of individual topics. It provides ample material for future research of sociological and historical fields.

This is not longer a handbook to look up the postcards and booklets you own, it is offering hours of reading and studying for developing further interest in the philatelic hobby.

Well done Peter Frantzen, it is well worth the long wait before it was finished.

This handbook should be able to replace the commonly used, incorrect and outdated Higgins & Cage or Linnemans, currently used to describe Thai auction material. Peter’s book is far more accurate and complete and can make auction descriptions more lively.

I hope that Peter will continue to update and edit other subjects of handbooks in Blakeney’s series of 9 handbooks. Thanks to Peter for an excellent well done job!

Jos Sanders, editor of the Thailand 2023 Revenue Stamp Catalog.

Below are 2 typical pages out of the handbook.

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