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Thailand Agriculture Revenues First Issue 1881-1896, Part 2

Updated: Apr 6

By Jos Sanders, June 2023.

For the Thai Times article, click here.

The references below were used to write the article in the Thai Times. You can click on the reference to see the full article.

Ref. 4, Wichakon Chawannasak, Rice Field Revenue Stamps, PAT magazine 2002. Article in Thai, translation in English by Alan Cameron.

Ref. 5, L’Amie des Timbres, Siam, 20 May 1877, page 165. This article is in French but the translation by Michel Houde is given above in the article.

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Ref. 10, Christies Auctions, Singapore May 1993, Malaya and Thailand Stamps and Covers, item 1023

Ref. 11, Jos Sanders, Agriculture 2nd series, to be published in the Thai Times.

Ref. 12, Jos Sanders, 1894-1897, Agriculture Stamps Used on Court Documents, The Thai Times, April 2022, page 14-15.

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